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ГОЛОВКА АКТУАТОРА , МЕТ. ДЛЯ ПОЗИЦИОННОГО ВЫКЛЮЧАТЕЛЯ 3SE51, ПОВОРОТ ВПРАВО ИЛИ ВЛЕВО РЕГ., БЕЗ РЫЧАГА, ЭКСПЛУАТАЦИЯ ОТ -40 ГРАД. Part-turn actuator for position switch 3SE51/3SF11 SIRIUS 3SE5 for position sensing of machine parts and position monitoring of protection equipment for extreme environmental conditions down to -40 °C, e.g. in wind energy plants, in the food and beverage industry, or for railway applications. Due to their high degree of protection, the devices are suitable for use in extreme environmental conditions. They have increased corrosion protection, have been tested for shock and impact, and are approved worldwide (IEC, UL). With the corresponding switch configuration, the highest safety requirements specified by PL e or SIL 3 can be met. Various enclosure sizes are available in plastic or metal. In addition, versions are available with separate actuator or tumbler. Depending on the design, various operating mechanisms and separate actuators are available. Safety is a SIRIUS business.

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