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HINGED ВЫКЛЮЧАТЕЛЬ МЕТАЛЛИЧЕСКИЙ КОРПУС,40MM, 1X (M20X1.5) WITH HOLLOW SHAFT D=8MM, ACTUATING ANGLE 10 DEG, БЫСТРОДЕЙСТВУЮЩИЕ КОНТАКТЫ (SNAP-ACTION) 2НЗ/1НО Mechanical safety hinge switches SIRIUS 3SE5 for position monitoring of moving protection equipment, particularly for use on hinged machine doors and flaps. The mechanical safety hinge switches belong to the modular system, because they have the same enclosures as the position switches. Shutdown and signaling takes place without a time delay at a small opening angle of 10°. The quick and easy wiring system enables a great deal of time to be saved during connection. Mounting and operating points according to EN 50047 and EN 50041. The devices are suitable for use in any climate and have worldwide approval (IEC, UL). Various enclosure sizes, with hollow or solid shafts, are available in plastic or metal. In addition, versions are available with an integrated hinge. The 3SF1 series with direct connection to the AS-Interface bus system completes the portfolio. Actuator heads with hollow or solid shafts are available as accessories. Safety is a SIRIUS business.

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