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1 шт17.50 mm x 90.00 mm
"ЭЛЕКТРОННОЕ РЕЛЕ ВРЕМЕНИ, ФУНКЦИЯ ""ЗВЕЗДА-ТРЕУГОЛЬНИК"", 2 НО КОНТАКТА, 7 ДИАПАЗОНОВ УСТАВОК ВРЕМЕНИ 0.05 С. … 100 Ч., US 12 … 240 В AC/DC, СВЕТОДИОДНАЯ ИНДИКАЦИЯ, ВИНТОВЫЕ КЛЕММЫ timing relay SIRIUS 7PV15, Star-delta (wye-delta) function, for the targeted startup of motors in star-delta (wye-delta) connections. Can be used in the control cabinet or distribution board. Wide range of applications due to variety of functions within a very small space. Can be used worldwide thanks to international approvals and wide range of voltages. The 7PV time relays are available as single or multifunctional time relays. Alternatively, 3RP time relays are available in an industrial design as single or multifunctional time relays with semi-conductor output or as electromechanical relays with or without positively driven operation, with various connection technologies in each case. SIRIUS relays - one range for every application."

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