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ПРЕОБРАЗОВАТЕЛЬ АНАЛОГОВЫХ СИГНАЛОВ, НОМ. ПИТАЮЩЕЕ НАПРЯЖЕНИЕ 24В AC/DC, 3-ХОДОВАЯ ГАЛЬВАНИЧЕСКАЯ РАЗВЯЗКА, ВХОД: 0 ... 10 В, ВЫХОД: 4 ... 20 MA, ПРУЖИННЫЕ КЛЕММЫ Signal converter SIRIUS 3RS70 for galvanic isolation and conversion of an analog standard signal between controller and sensors/actuators. Thanks to galvanic separation, the signal converters prevent mutual interference between the analog channels. Thanks to the narrow and compact design, they take up little space on the mounting rail, particularly in flat control boxes and control cabinets with small gaps between tiers The high-quality, modern design in titanium gray contributes to the integrated appearance matching all other Siemens devices in the control cabinet. The clear range of devices covers all applications and thus simplifies logistics and stock-keeping. Active and passive single-range, multi-range and universal converters are available with various supply voltages and connection types for various analog standard signals and other common sensor signals. In addition, we offer versions with manual/automatic switchover for precise specification of analog values. For the 3RS70 signal converter a matching galvanic isolation plate is available as well as various connecting combs. The 3RS70 signal converters replace the well-proven 3RS17 series. SIRIUS relays - one range for every application.

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