Siemens Automation
1 шт40.00 mm x 125.00 mm
SIMATIC DP, IM153-1, ИНТЕРФЕЙСНЫЙ МОДУЛЬ ДЛЯ ET 200M: ВСТРОЕННЫЙ ИНТЕРФЕЙС PROFIBUS-DP/ 9-ПОЛЮСНОЕ ГНЕЗДО СОЕДИНИТЕЛЯ D-ТИПА, DP V1, ДО 12 МБИТ/С, ДО 8 СИГНАЛЬНЫХ МОДУЛЕЙ S7-300 НА СТАНЦИЮ The SIMATIC ET 200M is a modular and universally applicable I/O system for the control cabinet in IP20, which can be used as a central I/O on an S7-300 as well as in a distributed configuration on a PROFINET or PROFIBUS ET 200M interface module. As many as 12 IO modules can be inserted into each station. The standardized setup of all modules considerably simplifies logistics and stocking of spare parts. The ET 200M can be used both for standard and for safety-oriented applications. Up to 12 multi-channel signal modules (e.g. 64 digital inputs) and function modules as well as S7-300 communications processors can be used as I/O modules (the interface to the process). This means the ET 200M also supports modules with extended user data, such as HART modules with HART auxiliary variables. In addition to conventional connection methods, the ET 200M offers you the FastConnect fast connection technology for easy wiring without stripping.

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