Siemens Automation
1 = 1 шт30.00 mm x 132.00 mm
"SIMATIC DP, ТЕРМИНАЛЬНЫЙ МОДУЛЬ TM-P30S44-A0 ДЛЯ ET 200S, ДЛЯ УСТАНОВКИ МОДУЛЯ ПИТАНИЯ PM-E F PROFISAFE ШИРИНОЙ 30MM, 2X3 + 2X4 КОНТАКТА С ВИНТОВЫМИ ЗАЖИМАМИ, С КОНТАКТАМИ ДЛЯ ПОДКЛЮЧЕНИЯ К AUX1, ТОРЦЕВОЙ УЧАСТОК ШИНЫ AUX1 The SIMATIC ET 200S is a modularly scalable, distributed I/O system that is specially designed for installation in small control boxes near the machine. The modules can either be plugged directly into an ET 200S IM with CPU functionality or connected to a central controller via PROFINET or PROFIBUS. The SIMATIC ET 200S can be expanded with up to 64 I/O modules, which can be inserted in any combination. The system provides a comprehensive range of modules. Many modules are also available with a wide variety of characteristics, which considerably improve the scalability in regard to functionality and price. Thus, in addition to modules with standard functions (ST), modules with an extended range of functions and diagnostics (HF High Feature/ HS High Speed) are also available. The advantage of the ET 200S system is in its ease of application, such as through the capability of swapping modules and terminal boxes during operation. The availability and productivity of the machine are considerably increased due to the so-called ""hot swapping""."

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