Siemens Automation
1 шт60.00 mm x 175.00 mm
SIMATIC DP, СТАНЦИЯ РАСПРЕДЕЛЁННОЙ ПЕРИФЕРИИ ET 200ECO PN, 8 DIO 24V DC/1,3A, 8 X M12, СТЕПЕНЬ ЗАЩИТЫ IP67 SIMATIC ET 200eco PN is a compact block I/O with a PROFINET connection with IP65/67 degree of protection for cabinet-free installation directly at the machine. Due to its fully-sealed zinc die-cast enclosure, the ET 200eco PN is mechanically very rugged and resistant to vibrations, dust, oil or humidity, and is thus also suitable for use outdoors. Due to the ATEX approval, the ET 200eco PN can also be used in hazardous areas up to Zone 2. Thanks to its ruggedness, it is particularly suitable for a wide range of applications in machine building and the automotive industry and, in particular, for tool changing machines. In addition to digital and analog input and output modules with various characteristics (incl. current, voltage, temperature and resistance measurements), the range of products also encompasses the IO-Link master and a fail-safe module for connecting sensors and actuators up to SIL 3/PLe. If need be, the outputs of the standard modules can also be practically disconnected in a fail-safe manner up to SIL 2.

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