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Siemens Automation
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ПОЗИЦИОННЫЙ ВЫКЛЮЧАТЕЛЬ SIRIUS, 3SE5162, МЕТАЛЛИЧЕСКИЙ КОРПУС XL,ШИРИНА 56MM, РОВНЫЙ ПЛУНЖЕР, MADE OF HIGH-ГРАД.E STEEL, ПОДКЛЮЧЕНИЕ АППАРАТА 3X (M20X1.5), 2X (1НО/1НЗ ) БЫСТРОДЕЙСТВУЮЩИЕ КОНТАКТЫ (SNAP-ACTION), IP66/IP67 Mechanical position switches SIRIUS 3SE5 for position sensing of machine parts and position monitoring of protection equipment. The modular design of the 3SE5 position switches permits a host of variants with a small number of bearing types. The wide variety of plug-in connectors and rollers meets almost all everyday requirements in industry. LEDs indicate the current state of the device. Thanks to quick-connect technology, the time required for connection can be considerably reduced. Operating points and mounting in accordance with EN 50047 and EN 50041. The devices have worldwide approval (IEC, UL). With the corresponding switch configuration, the highest safety requirements specified by PL e or SIL 3 can be met. The integrated ASIsafe electronics requires a low current input. Various enclosure sizes, with different contacts, are available in plastic or metal, or compact design. Some versions are optionally available with an LED status display and M12 plug. The 3SF1 series with direct connection to the AS-Interface bus system completes the portfolio. Depending on the design, actuator heads and plug-in connectors, as well as other mounting/connection accessories, are available. Safety is a SIRIUS business.

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