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СОГЛАСУЮЩИЙ ВСПОМОГАТЕЛЬНЫЙ КОНТАКТОР, КОНТАКТЫ 4НО, НОМИНАЛЬНОЕ НАПРЯЖЕНИЕ ЦЕПИ УПРАВЛЕНИЯ 24В DC, 0.85... 1.85*US, СО ВСТР. ДИОДНОЙ СБОРКОЙ, ТИПОРАЗМЕР S00, ПРУЖИННЫЕ КЛЕММЫ Coupling relay for switching auxiliary circuits SIRIUS 3RH2 for switching the control signals in the control circuit with option of direct connection to electronic controllers. The SIRIUS 3RH2 coupling contactor relays have standard-compliant terminal designations and a reliable and time-saving connection technology. Thanks to the multiplication of outputs, simultaneous switching of several auxiliary circuits is possible. The contacts are available with positively driven operation for safety applications as well as SUVA versions. The coupling contactor relays are climate-resistant, have a high contact reliability and are suitable for use worldwide thanks to the corresponding approvals (e.g. IEC and UL/CSA). They are available with AC or DC operation and with screw or spring-loaded terminals. The extensive range of accessories for the 3RT2 contactors in sizes S00 to S3 can also be used for the 3RH2 coupling contactor relays. The 3RH2 coupling contactor relays replace the well-proven 3RH1 series. Simple, efficient and always up to date - SIRIUS modular system.

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