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3-Ф. ПОЛУПРОВОДНИКОВЫЙ КОНТАКТОР 3RF3 AC53 3.8A 40 ГРАД. С, 48-480V, / 110-230V AC РЕВЕРСИВНЫЙ, МГНОВЕННАЯ КОММУТАЦИЯ, ВИНТОВЫЕ КЛЕММЫ solid-state reversing contactor SIRIUS 3RF34 for switching motors for frequent reversing, e.g. in conveyor systems. The devices are non-wearing and silent and are therefore ideal for noise-sensitive areas (offices, hospitals). The reversing contactors have an integrated interlocking. They are also extremely reliable at high switching frequencies. As the heat sink is already integrated, they can be used directly in the control panel. The compact design saves space on the mounting rail The devices are approved for worldwide use (e.g. IEC and UL/CSA). The solid-state reversing contactors are available in two widths for different power ratings. They are designed for AC or DC operation and are equipped with screw terminals. Link modules, adapters and labels are available as accessories. Simple, efficient and always up to date - SIRIUS modular system.

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