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ФИДЕРНАЯ СБОРКА ПРЯМОГО ПУСКА БЕЗ ПРЕДОХРАНИТЕЛЕЙ, ТИПОРАЗМЕР S00, 0.18 ... 0.25A, UE 400В АС, НОМ. НАПРЯЖЕНИЕ ЦЕПИ УПРАВЛЕНИЯ КОНТАКТОРА US 24В DC, С ДИОДОМ, ИНТЕГРИРОВАННЫМ В ЦЕПЬ КАТУШКИ КОНТАКТОРА, ВИНТОВЫЕ КЛЕММЫ, С АДАПТЕРОМ ДЛЯ 60 ММ СИСТЕМ СБОРНЫХ ШИН, ТИП КООРДИНАЦИИ 2, IQ = 150KA (ТАК ЖЕ СООТВ. ТИПУ КООРДИНАЦИИ 1), БЛОК-КОНТАКТ 1НО (КОНТАКТОР) Direct (on-line) starter SIRIUS 3RA21 for protecting and starting motors. The 3RA21 direct-on-line starter is a proven and factory-fitted combination of a 3RV2 motor starter protector and a 3RT2 contactor which are already fully wired and connected both mechanically and electrically. They are climate-resistant, approved for worldwide use (e.g. IEC and UL/CSA) and are IE3/IE4-ready. The 3RA2 load feeders are available with AC and DC operation in the sizes S00, S0 and S2 with setting ranges from 0.14 to 65 A. They are offered with screw terminals or spring-loaded terminals for mounting on DIN rails, screw mounting and installation on 60 mm busbars. In addition, we offer more than 40,000 other proven combinations of individual devices for safeguarding, switching and starting a wide variety of applications up to 630 A. All the accessories for 3RV2 motor starter protectors and for 3RT2 contactors are standard for all sizes and can be used for installing load feeders. The optional SIRIUS 3RV29 infeed system (for S00 and S0) considerably reduces the wiring outlay. The 3RA21 load feeders replace the tried and tested 3RA11 series. Simple, efficient and always up to date - SIRIUS modular system.

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