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СОЕДИНИТЕЛЬНЫЙ КАБЕЛЬ, НЕЭКРАНИРОВАННЫЙ ДЛЯ SIMATIC S7-300/1500 МЕЖДУ МОДУЛЬНЫМ ФРОНТШТЕКЕРОМ И СОЕДИНИТЕЛЬНЫМ МОДУЛЕМ 16 X 0,14 КВ. ММ, С IDC-РАЗЪЁМАМИ, ДЛИНА 10,0M The 16-pin round cable (unshielded) with a length of 10m represents the link between the front connector and connection module. This pre-assembled cable enables a trouble-free and safe signal flow. Even complex installations remain manageable and can be checked in the shortest possible time, which makes maintenance and expansion affordable. This pre-assembled connecting cable is part of the fully modular SIMATIC TOP connect connection for the fastest and safest system cabling. In addition to low wiring costs, error sources in cabling can be significantly reduced. Sensors and actuators from the peripherals are combined with the connection modules of SIMATIC TOP connect and connected to the SIMATIC S7-1500 via cable and front plug-in module.

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