Siemens Automation
РЕЛЕ КОНТРОЛЯ ТЕМПЕРАТУРЫ PT100, ПРЕНИЖЕНИЕ 1 ПОРОГОВОЕ ЗНАЧЕНИЕ, ШИРИНА 22, 5 MM 0 ГРАДУСОВ C ДО 200 ГРАДУСОВ C 110-120/220-240V AC 1З+1Р, ПРИНЦИП ОСТАТОЧНОГО ТОКА ВИНТОВЫЕ КЛЕММЫ Temperature monitoring relay SIRIUS 3RS10 for the measurement of temperatures in solid, liquid and gaseous media, e.g. for open and closed loop control of processes or for protecting motors and plants against excessive temperatures. The devices are easy to operate using a rotary potentiometer, the hysteresis is adjustable. The relays with two threshold values can change their mode of operation and are suitable for all common types of sensor, such as PT100, thermocouple. The family of 3RS temperature monitoring relays consists of analog and digital adjustable relays for the connection of between one and three sensors (resistance sensors or thermocouples). They are available with screw-type or spring-type terminals. The temperature can be displayed optionally in either °C or °F. Likewise, versions are available with communication via IO-Link. Labels, push-in lugs and sealable covers are available as accessories. SIRIUS relays - one range for every application.

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