LOGO! TD, текстовы дисплей, 6-строчный, 3 цвета

Siemens Automation
LOGO! TD, текстовы дисплей, 6-строчный, 3 цвета подсветки, 2 порта Ethernet, установочные принадлежности для LOGO! 8 The LOGO! TDE text display with its two Ethernet interfaces is designed for connection to the LOGO! logic module. A large display with six lines of 20 characters per line allows for informative messages in plain text. Selectable backlit displays in white, orange and red permit optical highlighting. The Ethernet connection can bridge a distance of over ten meters between LOGO! TDE and LOGO! 8. The LOGO! TDE can be connected to all versions of the LOGO! 8 basic module.

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