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Siemens Automation
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ВЫКЛЮЧАТЕЛЬ АВТОМАТИЧЕСКИЙ ДЛЯ ЗАЩИТЫ ТРАНСФОРМАТОРА, ТИПОРАЗМЕР S00 РЕГ. РАСЦЕПИТЕЛЬ ПЕРЕГРУЗКИ 0.35... 0.5A, УСТАВКА РАСЦЕПИТЕЛЯ МАКСИМАЛЬНОГО ТОКА 10A, ВИНТОВЫЕ КЛЕММЫ, СТАНДАРТНАЯ КОММУТАЦИОННАЯ СТОЙКОСТЬ Circuit breaker SIRIUS 3RV2 For transformer protection for the reliable protection of transformers against short-circuit and overload. Thanks to their low heat loss, the compact and climate-resistant circuit breakers are optimized for use in load feeders, and also for IE3/IE4 motors, of course, and equally for the switching of direct current. Worldwide approvals (e.g. IEC and UL/CSA) and applications in hazardous areas (ATEX or IEC Ex) are a matter of course. Device versions are available for motor protection (also with overload relay function), plant protection, short-circuit protection of starter combinations, transformer protection, as main and EMERGENCY OFF switches and for use in IT networks. They are available with screw or spring-type terminals for fast, maintenance-free and vibration-proof connection, and optionally with integral auxiliary switch. The comprehensive range of accessories, such as auxiliary switches, auxiliary releases, signaling switches etc. is standardized for all sizes. The use of different energy infeed options, such as the associated SIRIUS 3RV29 infeed system, considerably reduces the main circuit wiring. The 3RV2 circuit breakers replace the well-proven 3RV1 series. Simple, efficient and always up to date - SIRIUS modular system.

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