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АБСОЛЮТНЫЙ ДАТЧИК 13 БИТ С ИНТЕРФЕЙСОМ ENDAT, РАБОЧЕЕ НАПРЯЖЕНИЕ 5В ЗАЖИМНОЙ ФЛАНЕЦ ФЛАНЦЕВАЯ РОЗЕТКА РАДИАЛЬНАЯ Optoelectronic mounted rotary encoders measuring systems motion control encoders absolute encoders with EnDat 2.1 for SINUMERIK, SIMOTION, SIMATIC, SINAMICS. Motion control encoders are optoelectronic mounted encoders that detect the traversing distances, angles of rotation, speeds or positions of machine axes. Motion control encoders are direct measuring systems that are mounted onto shafts, axes or motors. They can be used in conjunction with numerical and programmable logic control systems, drives as well as position displays. Another advantage is that motion control encoders are system-tested, certified components that have been optimally harmonized for use with the following systems: SINUMERIK CNC systems, SIMOTION motion control systems, SIMATIC programmable logic control systems and SINAMICS drive systems. Singleturn absolute encoders output an absolute angular position between 0° and 360°. Multiturn encoders also sense the number of revolutions. They operate with the same scanning principle as incremental encoders, but have a higher number of tracks. The code used is a one-step code (gray code), which means that no scanning errors can occur. After switching on the machine, the position value is transferred immediately to the control system, travel to a reference point is not necessary. Absolute encoders also support the EnDat 2.1 interface. A very high bidirectional data transfer rate is one of the benefits of this type of interface. Advantages are also available for time-critical applications, and an incremental track with 1Vpp is available. The absolute encoder is connected via SINAMICS Sensor Modules SMC/SME. Absolute encoders with EnDat 2.1 and an operating voltage of 3.6 V to 14 V are available in the synchro flange or clamping flange design, and with either axial or radial flange-mounted socket connection. All absolute encoders are available in singleturn and multiturn versions. For singleturn encoders, the resolution is 13 bit and for multiturn encoders, 25 bit. SINUMERIK, SIMOTION, SIMATIC, SINAMICS - perfectly harmonized drive components.

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