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"""ФУНКЦИОНАЛЬНЫЙ МОДУЛЬ ДЛЯ СБОРКИ ПО СХЕМЕ """"ЗВЕЗДА-ТРЕУГОЛЬНИК"""". СОСТАВ: БАЗОВЫЙ МОДУЛЬ И 2 МОДУЛЯ СОПРЯЖЕНИЯ С ИНТЕГРИРОВАННЫМ СОЕД. КАБЕЛЕМ, ДИАПАЗОН УСТАВОК ВРЕМЕНИ 0.5... 60S 24...240V AC/DC ДЛЯ КОНТАКТОРОВ 3RT2"" function module SIRIUS 3RA28 for star-delta (wye-delta) starting for mounting on 3RT2 contactors and 3RH2 contactor relays, e.g. for targeted startup of motors, fans and ventilators. Easy assembly without tools of star-delta (wye-delta) starters, including timing function and electrical interlock, without additional wiring. This enables you to avoid wiring errors and to reduce testing costs. The front mounting on the devices saves you space on the DIN rail. No additional protective circuit is necessary. The automatic prioritization circuit reduces current peaks. Thanks to international approvals (e.g. IEC, CCC, UL/CSA), the devices can be used worldwide. The function modules are available for 3RT2 contactors and 3RH2 auxiliary switches in sizes S00 to S3. They can be supplied with a flexible wide voltage range of 24-240 V AC/DC, selectable outputs 1 NO + 1 NC or 1 C and with screw or spring-loaded terminals. Wiring kits and a sealable cover are available for the function modules. SIRIUS relays - one range for every application."

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