SIPLUS ET 200SP, базовый блок BU15-P16+A0+2D, рабочая т

Siemens Automation
1 = 1 шт15.00 mm x 117.00 mm
SIPLUS ET 200SP, базовый блок BU15-P16+A0+2D, рабочая температура -40 ... +70°C, со стойким покрытием, на основе 6ES7193-6BP00-0DA0 . базовый блок типа A0, втычные клеммы, без дополнительных клемм, новая нагрузочная группа, Ш X В: 15 мм X 117 мм SIMATIC ET 200SP is a multifunctional IO system for a wide range of applications. It is finely scalable, and designed for installation in a compact control cabinet. ET 200SP supports a large number of communication protocols, and its high speed and transmission rates provide a significantly stronger performance than conventional systems. It also offers the option of direct connection of a 2, 3 or 4-wire sensor or actuator. The conformal coating protects SIPLUS BaseUnits against special environmental influences such as biologically, chemically and physically active substances. Thus even your basic automation system is prepared for use in challenging environments.

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