SIDOOR ATE530S контрольный модуль для дверей тра

Siemens Automation
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"SIDOOR ATE530S контрольный модуль для дверей транспортных станций с защитным покрытием. Макс. вес двери 280кг. 1*RS485, 5*DI, 2*DO, -25°C .. +50°C. PROFINET класса C с двумя коннекторами RJ45 SIDOOR in connection with EC motors provides a complete control and drive solution for automatic platform screen doors. The possibility of communication via PROFINET allows integration of this state-of-the-art complete drive into the instrumentation and control of the platform with minimum effort, as well as parameterization and configuration via the ""TIA Portal"" engineering framework. The SIDOOR Controllers are available in the variants SIDOOR ATE530S COATED and SIDOOR ATE531S. The boards of both variants are protected by an additional, transparent protective coating to prevent impairments or damage resulting from humidity and pollutants. Furthermore, there are also SIDOOR Controllers for interior railway doors, elevator doors and gates, as well as for industrial plant and machine protective doors, cold room gates, or escape tunnel doors. The SIDOOR DIN RAIL HOLDER is available as an accessory for mounting in the control cabinet. The SIDOOR SOFTWARE KIT allows firmware updates to be imported that provide support in precisely recording the traversing profile, as well as the option of reading and writing the parameter set. The EC direct drive SIDOOR MED280 and the EC geared motors MEG251 left/right are available as motors. Can be used as a 1:1 replacement for SIDOOR ATE530S 6FB1231-3BM10-7AT0."

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